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Month: February 2017

Enjoying Water Activities By SUP Boards

You will find varying reports on the best or ideal SUP boards for beginners. However for someone who has just join this adventurous sport, be it any board, the only important thing is to stay on board. For a beginner, it is very important to keep on the board and if they are unable to do so, it is very likely that they will not like the experience and will not like to continue either.

There are a number of things one can do and try their hands on if they are interested in water sports. For instance, one can easily go for kayak hire and try their hands on if they are not comfortable with paddling board. It will be easier for them as compared to standing on board or maintaining their stability on water. It is an extremely low lying boat and is different from a canoe. The paddler sits in a position with legs facing forward and a double sided paddle for moving forward. The shape and size of such boats vary according to the water.

However, if you are more on the adventurous side and prefer a thrilling experience, you must try the SUP boards. You can check out the stand up paddle boards for sale and get hold of one which suits you. For a beginner or a novice, the size of the board should be a minimum of 10.6 inches x 30 inches x 4 inches or more. This range works well for beginners when it comes to maintaining stability or balances while standing. Stability is maintained if one maintains and balances the side to side motion along with the rocking. The body weight and the amount of floatation after your body on the board is another factor which is important for balancing on board. Therefore the length, width and thickness of the board play an important part in this and help maintaining balance.

Since the length, width and thickness all equals to the amount of volume the board has, the more the volume it create, the more stable it will become. However, volume is not the only component which determines the stability. A wider board will have large surface area on water and will help find better balance on water which will prevent from falling over. A longer board will also be helpful in the same way.

Therefore one can say that a bigger board will definitely help stand on the board in a better way. This is a fact too but it will not be helpful enough for maneuvering. The longer the board is, it becomes more difficult to maneuver and therefore it is important to have a correct length of the board in order to strike a balance and move at the same time. The length of the board thus should be chosen according to the body weight and also through personal experience.